1934 Rolls Royce 20-25 Hooper

The 1934 20-25 Rolls Royce Hooper has to be one of the most beautiful vintage cars produced. It is smooth, strong and elegant both inside and out. Should you be looking to turn heads on your wedding day this is one of the cars to choose. Offering a beautiful interior with luxury hand stitched leather seating, ebony and walnut trim on the doors and partition, the stunning craftsmanship in the 20-25 Hooper, affectionately known as the Lady Duncombe, named after the first ever owner, is bound to not only turn heads but also provide comfortable surroundings on your big day.

The beauty of the 20-25 Hooper will never be surpassed and as such this is one of the most popular cars on offer from Brisan Carriages.

If you want to make a lasting impression this stunning vehicle is the one to choose for your wedding day.